Transformational leadership is the ability to put one’s own development in the service of human development in order to navigate together in complexity towards a collective and responsable vision.

The Transformational Leadership Development Center (TLDC) is specialized in coaching, designing and facilitating workshops for managers and facilitators who aspire to create a better world using the lever of human consciousness evolution.

Cerne d'un arbre

When a tree grows, rings are forming within it. Each ring encompasses the previous ones. Adults grow in the same way : our perspective becomes broader and incorporates previous ones. 

The more our perspective grows, the more it becomes possible to adequately meet complexity and ambiguity in our organizations.  Resilience and openness to change also increase. 

When leaders broaden their perspective, their leadership competencies become refine. The organizational culture evolves into a more agile and responsive structure. Employee engagement goes up and so does organizational performance.

We long to support you in this journey!

We choose creatives intervention that are adapted to your specific needs and context. All our collaborators are specialized in vertical development and are themselves, transformational leaders.