The Transformational Leadership Development Center (TLDC) specializes in Leadership Circle assessments, executive coaching and  workshop facilitation for leaders who aspire to create a better world by activating the lever of the evolution of human consciousness.


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Leadership Circle

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We reveal and transform hidden assumptions that may limit the full expression of a leader’s competencies.

Why you might need this?

To increase your leadership capacities. 

The Leadership Circle Assessments reveal the leadership efficency of an individual or a team.

Why might you need this?

To support leaders who are driving a cultural and organizationnal shift.

We have a list of ready-to-use workshops and we can design a custom exepriences for you and your team.

Why you might need this?

To increase team’s effectiveness,  to foster team synergy,to trigger profound transformation.

What our clients have to say about us

"Stephanie has been a tremendous help in developing my leadership and confidence in the job. His energy and openness have made me feel good, in addition to his great competence. I recommend it without hesitation!»
Marie-Joannie Raymond
Coordinator for continuing education
"Attentive and gifted with extraordinary human qualities, Stéphanie Laflamme allowed me to explore the forgotten forces deep inside me that prevented me from having access to my full potential. Thank you, thank you, thank you. »
Executive Director of a Non-profit organization