Creative and Transformational Leadership Development

360° Assessment

Collective Leadership Assessment


  • Express a more authentic leadership that generates sustainable results;
  • Identify the root causes of the immunity to change;
  • Be more deliberate in disruptive context;
  • Develop key leadership competencies.

The Leadership Circle Profile™, Leadership Collective Assessment™ and Universal Leadership Model™, are created and owned by The Leadership Circle®.

Executive Coaching

We offer individual and collective coaching.


To transition to a beneficial situation for oneself and others.

For whom?

For leaders and leadership teams who want to make a sustainable impact.


By identifying key leadership competencies and transforming limiting beliefs. 

The 3 Pitfalls of the Leader

Work less to achieve better results!

90-minute virtual conference

Target audience: leaders and other agents of change


  • An awareness of what really wastes our energy as leaders;
  • A desire to free oneself from these pitfalls.

Based on the three reactive trends of the Leadership Circle®

coworkers taking a coffee break and walking

Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow

Thrive in uncertainty and complexity.

10-month transformational program

Target audience: Organizations in the midst of transformation

Impacts of the program

  • Leaders who delegate instead of control;
  • Leaders who engage in courageous conversations instead of blaming others;
  • Leaders who collaborate and grow instead of complying.

Based on the universal Model of the Leadership Circle®

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Custom workshops

You have an intention? A need? A team challenge?

Let us design and facilitate a transformational experience for you and your team

Offer your team a memorable experience that:

  • transforms the way they collaborate;
  • increases their emotional intelligence;
  • helps them thrive in your organization.

Our designs are based on kaospilot’s experiential and design approach