In in midst of all that is changing around us, our greatest asset is ourselves.

Conscious, human and authentic leadership develops through dynamic and disciplined practice. This is not an end in itself. This is a journey for which we are invited to decide the direction, but not the destination.

At the Transformational Leadership Development Centre, we create experiences to develop your ability to put your evolution at the service of human development in order to navigate in today’s complexity towards the achievement of a collective and responsible vision. 

Programs and services

Today's Leaders for Tomorrow

Virtual program to become a leader who responds in an energizing way to challenging situations in order to create a sustainable and responsible impact in the world.

Co-creative Facilitators


Virtual program for experts who design in-company workshops to support human and organizational development.

Review of workshops

Personalised support to help you design transformational workshops or to validate/improve a workshop you have designed.
This service includes: revision of your design and support for the creation of a new design.