Whether you’re a manager, advisor, coach or facilitator, personalized and targeted coaching can help you unravel what limits your impact and help you discover previously unknown opportunities.

If you are looking for straightforward coaching services, that support your aspiration to balance heart, head and will, we can help you.

The current reality leads us to be and do things differently. Coaching can help awaken the forces that lie inside you and are just looking to be unleashed.

The Leadership Circle™ offers a universal leadership development model.

This model incorporates nearly 40 theoretical models including Robert Kegan’s adult stages of development and Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence. 

This lens helps us identify where we stand in the development of “creative leadership” competencies and identify our “reactive tendencies.”

Creative leadership includes 5 competencies positioned on a relationship-task scale. It includes:

  • Relating
  • Self-awareness
  • Authenticity
  • Systems Awareness and
  • Achieving

There is a very strong correlation between creative leadership and organizational performance. It is also a transition to more integral leadership.

Reactive leadership refers to three tendencies : complying, protecting and controling.

At some point in our lives, these tendencies have allowed us to adapt to our environment. But, when these tendencies are used without our acknoledgement, they might not be appropriate in the context. They are used “by default”.

Each of these trends hides a gift (heart, head, will) that can serve our leadership. 

Coaching rates

  • 360 Leadership Circle™ assessment: $1,500 (includes orientation, prepration, evaluation and 90 minutes of debrief with a certified practitioner)
  • Executive Coaching: $200/hour

Special rates for NPO, SMEs and non-managers

  • Leadership Circle’s collective leadership assessment™
  • Group coaching

Rates vary depending on the context. Contact us!