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Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle® offers several assessment tools that measure the level of maturity in leadership:

  • Self
  • Evaluation 360
  • Evaluation of collective leadership

Combined with coaching with a certified person, this tool allows teams and individuals to:

  • express leadership that is more creative and responsive to today's complexity;
  • target why they fail to maintain attempts at change (personal or organizational)
  • to be more délibéré.es in their ways of responding to situations.

The Leadership Circle Profile™, Leadership Collective Assessment™ and Universal Leadership Model™, are created and owned by The Leadership Circle®.

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International Coaching Federation

The Leadership Circle® evaluations are very good at coaching.

We offer individual coaching and team coaching.

Why engage in a coaching process?

Coaching is an approach that facilitates the transition from point A to point B.

Who are our customers?

We serve leaders (managers or not) and management teams who want to grow and evolve their practice. They are prêt.es to engage in a responsible process focused on moving towards a desired situation.

A co-creation approach with our customers

Throughout each meeting, key leadership competencies and grey areas are expressed.We help our clients to understandtheir patterns and explore their root causes.The resulting awareness is a guarantee of profound and lasting change.Click on coaching FAQ to find other answers to your questions. 

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Transformational Leadership Development Centre

"Live" training, virtual or in person (respecting the health rules in force), in order to develop your transformational leadership.

Our expert.es in training design co-create with you tailor-made workshops that meet your needs.Here are our two flagship programs:

The 3 pitfalls of the leader

Today's Leaders for Tomorrow

Work less hard to achieve better results!

90-minute virtual conference

Target audience: leaders and other agents of change

Impacts of the conference

  • An ability to understand the 3 pitfalls that await leaders;
  • A desire to take steps to free oneself from these traps.

Based on the three reactive trends of the Leadership Circle®

Learn how to navigate uncertainty and complexity.

10-month transformational program

Target audience: organizations in the midst of transformation

Impacts of the program

  • Leaders who trust instead of control;
  • Leaders who engage in courageous conversations instead of criticizing;
  • Leaders who inspire to collaborate and grow instead of wanting to please.

Based on the universal Model of the Leadership Circle®

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